Welcome. My name is Peter, and I'm an aspiring tailor in San Francisco. Here you'll find menswear aplenty, be they my own outfits or simply ones that inspire me.
  • voxsart:

    The Boss.

    Duke Ellington, 1928.

  • pmckh:

    What makes these waistcoats work is the attention to proportion - they enhance the form of the torso and suppress the waist. Most modern waistcoats do none of these things - even neglecting to cover the trouser waistband.

    (Source: wellwornwornwell, via vestisferrea)

  • parisiangentleman:


    Steven Hitchcock bespoke tweed three-piece, made for the Danish winter.

    London’s Steven Hitchcock coming on strong this days.

    Such great texture and color.

    (Source: the-journal-of-style.com)